I hope your all enjoying this amazing weather however remember during pregnancy you have to take care of yourself especially with these high  temperatures.
Have a little look at our five main steps to Beating the Heat Mama’s;
•Stay Hydrated – Sip water throughout the day

•Apply suncream – your skin is more sensitive & thin during pregnancy

•Steep your feet in cold water – this will help reduce swelling

•Stay in the shade – hats are great also

•Don’t over do it – make sure and take breaks either going for a cool shower, sitting in shade or taking a nap.

Also don’t forget about your little ones in this extremely heat. Here is a little helpful guide to help you dress your baby appropriately for bedtime when it’s so warm.


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Last week we attended some lovely expectant Parent events in Mothercare, thank you to the lovely mama’s who came & spoke with us, we hope you enjoyed learning more about Placenta Encapsulation with After Glow.

I loved all the wonderful feedback about how stunning our packaging was and how fabulous this service is.

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This week I have started “The little ones” sleep training programme on my 9 month old son Archer, I was recommended this programme by several of my mum friends and it is safe to say I am one very tired mummy but persistence is key & come this time next month I hope I have a baby who sleeps threw the night.

I have also been super busy with all things After Glow visiting lots of hospitals & birthing units to make sure we can store your ice blocks, lots of lovely one to ones with my new After Glow Mama’s and lost of online work, there is lots of exciting things coming to After Glow keep your eyes on our blog to find out more.

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