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Thank you for booking with After Glow Placenta Encapsulation Scotland and Congratulations. At around 38 weeks you will receive the following via 1st class Royal Mail to your home address: After Glow Information brochure filled with everything you and your birthing partner need to know. Cool pack including everything you need for the safe storage and transportation of your placenta.

When confirming your booking you are agreeing to After Glows terms and conditions:

After Glow is not liable for any issues or loss that may occur to your placenta during birth, with hospital staff or when in your care.

 After Glow is not liable if you forget your cool pack, ice blocks or your placenta is not stored or cooled correctly within the correct timescale  

After Glow is not liable if your placenta is not fit for encapsulation due to errors made by the hospital, birthing team or yourself.

Refunds will not be permitted unless it is at the fault of After Glow or extreme circumstance.

After Glow is not liable for any issues that may occur via postage, royal mail or courier services. 

You are required to pay a £50 non-refundable deposit. 

  Depending on your location a small travel fee many be applied. If you are very far from Glasgow/Edinburgh a courier charge will be applied. 

After Glow is not liable for any issues or problems that may occur when products are in your possession. 

Due to COVID-19 if you are tested positive with the virus when giving birth you cannot encapsulate your placenta, in this event you will be refunded everything except  your deposit.