Q. How many capsules will I receive? 

A. Every women’s placenta is different in shape & size therefore the amount will also vary. Between 100-300+ capsules. 


Q. Can I encapsulate my placenta if I’m having a C-Section? 

A. Yes, you absolutely can it makes no difference to the encapsulation process. 


Q. Will there be any issues with me keeping my placenta in hospital? 

A. There will be no issues as in the UK your placenta is your own property therefore it’s your choice what you decided to do with it. 


Q. When will I have my capsules back?

A. Between 24/48 hours depending on your location if your further it can be 72 hours at most. 


Q. When should I book in? 

A. Between 12 and 36 weeks is recommended however the sooner the better to secure your due date. 


Q. What if i go early or go over? 

A. That’s absolutely fine, babies never come when they are suppose to no matter the day we'll be there to collect your placenta. 


Q. What is tincture? 

A. A question I get asked daily, Tincture is a liquid version of your capsules. Created over 8 weeks with alcohol it’s used in water or dropped on the tongue to give you the same effect and benefits as your capsules. 


Q. Can I request a payment plan? 

A. Yes of course payment plans can be requested upon booking. 


Q. Can I donate my babies umbilical cord & still encapsulate my placenta? 

A. Yes, of course. 


Q. Can I breastfeed while using tincture. 

A. Yes it’s only a small amount you take and it wouldn’t effect or go into your breastmilk anyway.