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What is the difference between TCM & Raw Capsules?

There are two methods to encapsulating your placenta

First is TCM – Traditional Chinese Method. This method is said to restore the warmth a women has lost during birth, therefore assisting in her body re-balancing and promoting an equal amount of yin(cold) and yang(warmth) In this method the placenta is steamed over

Lemon – A grounding remedy

Chillies – Warming

Ginger -Aids in circulation and the distribution of healing properties throughout the body

The steamed placenta is then dehydrated and ground into capsules.

Raw Capsules – Often people think this is raw pieces of placenta place inside capsules this is not correct! The raw method is a way of consuming the placenta without it first being steamed, they are simply dehydrated and ground into capsules.

Women looking for more energy and more capsules benefit from this method.

50/50 Capsules are one jar of RAW & one jar of TCM for the best of both worlds.

How does it all work from booking to birth?

If you have looked into everything and feel you would like to go ahead with the service, its very straight forward from here on out.

Once you have sent us your booking form we will send you over a reply email with your one to one date (if you have requested one) and your payment plan.

On booking you pay £50 non refundable deposit (PayPal, Bank Transfer or Cash) the remaining amount should be paid at least 4 weeks before you due date.

If you have requested a one to one this is when you will receive your placenta storage, if you do not want a one to one your storage will be sent, or hand delivered at around 38 weeks.

It is best to let me know when you have gone into labour, once you have given birth your birthing partner should contact me, day or not it doesn’t make a difference babies come when they want. I will aim to be there was soon as possible within two to four hours.

Once you have birthed your placenta you must have it in your storage and placed in a fridge or cool bag on ice within 30 minutes.

Most hospitals in and around Glasgow & Edinburgh I have visited, and they are aware of the process and what is needed to keep your placenta safe and stored.

Once I have collected your placenta I aim to have your package back with you within 48 hours (tincture takes 6 weeks, once this is ready I will delivery it to you)

Can I have my placenta encapsulated if I have a c section?

Yes of course, the process is exactly the same.

Can I have my placenta encapsulated if I have a water birth?

Yes of course, however your placenta must be birthed on a dry, clean surface and not in the water due to infection control.

How many capsules will I get out of my placenta?

It really depends on the size of your placenta and the method of encapsulation you chose. You should expect between 90-200 capsules.

When should I book?

We recommend you book In as soon as possible but we would advise you give at least one month till your due date, However if this is not possible and you want to book later than this or even if your overdue, we will do the best we can to help you.

Do all hospitals let you keep your own placenta?

Yes, your placenta is legally your own property.

What if I give birth prematurely?

As long as your placenta has been checked and is healthy and free of abnormalities you can still go ahead with you encapsulation.

How do I know it is 100% my placenta?

After Glow have a very high standard of service, we only book a certain number of women in at one time, this is so no two placentas are ever done at the same time.

We work on one placenta at a time and do not store additional placentas.

I have a question that hasn’t been covered in this FAQ

Contact us with your query and we will aim to respond within 24 hours.