Exclusive to After Glow an All natural, vegan friendly and curtly free ingredients blended to create the perfect product after a vaginal birth. Taking away the sting, redness and inflammation leaving you feeling fresh and comfortable.



Witch Hazel soothing natural remedy which helps reduce inflammation and heal wounds.

Aloe Vera a wonderful, natural soothing remedy for sore, irritated, hot skin.

Lavender perfect to reduce swelling, inflammation and postpartum pain.



Apply small amount directly onto the sore area with a cotton pad for instant relief or the preferred method of use by most women is to apply small amount of gel onto a maternity pad, pop into the freezer for 10-15 minutes then insert inside pants for cool effective relief for 2-4 hours.

If irritation occurs stop using immediately.


*Tried & Tested on post birth women*

Noonikool Gel – Vaginal Postpartum Relief 200ml